Well the cookbook is out “The Extraordinary Student’s Guide to Cooking” is available now for download on amazon. It is a non illustrated edition as since it is designed partially for kindle the images would be in black and white anyway. With that said I have been having a great time sketching on the surface tablet so an edition with lots of pretty pictures may also be on its way but probably more of the ingredients than finished dishes.


This cookbook is the culmination of nearly a years worth of exploration into cooking. When I started writing the cookbook I was at a bit of a loose end. I was in the first year of university and had left home where I was a member of, or heading up ,every committee going and came to Dundee where I was just, well, beige for a lack of a better word. I had no extra dimensions. I did law and hung out with my flatmates, yes it was great for most of the year but then I began to miss the constant pressure, deadlines and dependence that comes with being a part of so many different things. I am constantly pursuing a challenge and loving good food, writing a cookbook became my new one. I spent my spare time jotting down ideas in a notebook, coming home from university and cooking up the most amazing meals.

The publishing of this book not so much marks something I hope sells lots and makes me some money but rather symbolises my first year of living independently, learning to cook for myself and take care of myself. It is as much a diary through food as it is a cookbook. Nevertheless, there are a fantastic selection of amazing recipes and tips from homemade pasta, to alcoholic salmon, to full Sunday roasts. There are over 30 recipes plus some handy tips to help you start developing your own recipes. For an early taster of one of the recipes check out one of my previous blog posts Slow Cooked Beef.

Later in the week I will write up a post on my top favourite food posts of last year if you want to check out some more of my writing on food from super foods, to diets, to more recipes.