So in celebration of the launch of “The Extraordinary Student’s Guide to Cooking” I have decided to make a list of my top 10 favourite food blog posts of 2016. I post quite a bit about cooking, effects of certain foods and diet plans so I have had plenty to choose from. My two main pleasures in life are fine food and fine clothes, so when my secret Santa got me a tie and some chocolates last Christmas I was delighted. Anyway down to business.

1. “Superfood” Diet This is the first of a two part blog post. In this post I explore the concept of the “superfood” and mention certain superfoods, their benefits and provide some suggestions on incorporating them in your diet.

2. “Superfood” Diet Part II Well it’s in the title, this is the second instalment of the “Superfood” blog posts.

3. Chocolate: Brain Food or Just Wishful Thinking? An interesting exploration into the possible, scientifically proven, beneficial effects of chocolate.

4. Kitchen Therapy This piece discusses the therapeutic effect of cooking.

5. Slow Cooked Beef This is a favourite recipe of mine for cooking beautifully rich and succulent beef.

6. Depression Diet The effect that certain food types can have on our mental state.

7. Cooking With Pork Some of my top tips on cooking with pork, including a recipe or two.

8. Champagne, Caviar, Smoked Salmon and Tea. Is it really good for me? An investigation into the possible lesser know effects of some of my favourite food and drink.

9. Fish Dish A recipe for budding cooks.

10. Chocolate Yum A brief outburst of my love for chocolate.

Well there you are folks, Enjoy!