“Live as though you will die tomorrow, learn as though you will live for ever” Gandhi

About “The Extraordinary Student Life”

I am currently a Scots and English Law Student coming to the end of my first year of study. I wanted to start writing blog to practice my writing style and hopefully discuss some interesting things. The blog’s name came from the lifestyle of students being rather unlike that of any other; my life being no exception to this. Each individual student has a different lifestyle, each person has an “extraordinary student life”. I hope to write on a wide array of subject matters relating to my interests and things relating to living as a student or young person in general that show that we aren’t all drunken slobs who lay around contributing little to society other than the odd protest.  I have a great passion for art, music, food, business, and, of course, writing. I want to cover all of these areas and more in this blog so fingers crossed I can keep up the momentum.

You may have noticed the quote from Gandhi on the homepage “Live as though you will die tomorrow, learn as though you will live for ever”. I first saw this quote on the wall of my English classroom when I was about 15, while I was frantically looking for inspiration to write an essay for my exam folio on. The quote gave me more than enough to write about; it display the ideas of making the most of life, continual growing and learning, infinite knowledge and more. It clearly embodies the main principle by which I live my life, so what better to greet you as you click onto my blog. Not only is the quote of significance to me but as is the person. Gandhi was a lawyer, and thanks to this whenever anyone ever implies that lawyers are the baddies I can bring him up in my defence. Bet you weren’t expecting that as my primary reason for finding Gandhi particularly significant to me.




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