In light of more news of Robin Williams’ death it brought it back to the forefront of my mind. I always found it sad how someone no matter how many people they made happy could never make themselves that happy. Fortunately the new evidence has made it appear that physical disease had a greater role in his suicide than previously expected. However it still no less invalidates the point and thus I wanted to contemplate this point and instead of doing my usual journalistic style pieces I thought I would do something with a bit of soul. Admittedly it is probably rubbish but hey, I gave it a shot.


Isn’t it strange how you can feel lonely in a crowded room?

Isn’t it strange you can be crowded by yourself?

Noise, laughter and joy, and you too join

Pleasantries exchanged, jokes made: perfect host

Topics derived, memories made, fun all around

Yet you sit silent in mind, loud in body

Your over embellished facade shouting loudly

I am here, I am great

Trying to drown out the silent loneliness of your mind

A mind when left to its own devises destroys

Dark, dangerous, devious and distraught

Caught in looping ideas so frantic they vanish without sight

Rapidly they reappear, tearing through thoughts and gone

Flamboyant fakery through our fabulous facade saves

Saves from a troubled lonesome mind the shell within which it resides.

We are all our own worst enemies.