It’s been over a month since my last post on here. It’s been a hectic Month and it doesn’t show any sign of letting up yet. I may post a few of the other pieces I have been doing during my time away from the blog. I have taken over the Enterprise section of the Magazine I am Deputy Editor in chief of until we appoint a new one. Unfortunately that also meant writing most of the content on top of assignments, luring exams, normal editorial duties, representing Scotland on youth policy; meaning for 1/3 of this month I’m not even in the country.

You see I have managed to vent most of my normal complaining and pondering through bigger and more effective outlets, sometimes prioritisation is needed. For that left over strand of creativity I have started up a design and fashion blog Creating Strong Style . Please go on and check it out. There will be content on jewellery design, techniques, fashion icons, trends and more.