I never thought that would be a title for something that I would write. My general attitude to exercise if NO! burn it with fire, or something along those general lines. I must now confess though that I do easily an hour of exercise in some form every day, quite often double that. Don’t get me wrong it’s not strenuous exercise, and much of it is needed to get me to and from lectures, but it does add up.

Most of my exercise is through walking. I walk from my flat to lectures a couple of times a day and it is 15 minutes either way, so there is an hour straight off the bat unless I am walking quickly in which case 40 minutes. I also tend to walk to Tesco for lunch, another 10-15 minutes from campus or 25 minutes from my flat and then I go a long river walk back. So all in all my lunch can take about an hour. On top of that I do archery and have started going twice a week now which adds up to another 4-5 hours a week.

So that’s all well and good, congratulations, but why am I telling you about my increase in physical activity? Well I want to encourage others. If me, one of the most anti-exercise people around, is willing to embrace a little physical activity I think others should to. Even if you just walk half an hour a day it can be highly beneficial. It may not do a vast amount to your waistline but it will work wonders with your mind.

The mind is a complex thing with lots of chemical balances that if I wanted to I could research and explain to you, actually I am living with a neuroscientist so I could even just shout out a question, but I don’t need science to prove to you that exercise is good for your mind.

Mental health is a far harder and far more important thing to maintain than physical health. This is why I walk so much; it makes me calmer and happier. My mind is my most valuable and dangerous tool so it is only right for me to maintain it the best I can.

As someone who has a lot of anxiety and at times can lapse into very down periods I can fully understand why some people just want to lock themselves away but it is important to break that idea. Get up, go outside and go for a walk, if you feel you can’t deal with people go at night, just make sure to go in a safe area. Whenever I take up exercise, like I am at the moment, I have a much better mental state which not only makes me happier and less worried but also improves my ability to work.

So I implore you get up and go for a walk, it will do you the world of good.