Something I thought up while walking along the River Tay during my lunch break.


Slowly the silky silver slithers silently, smoothly, through time and memories;

Ever changing yet ever familiar.

Some, perceived as the lucky few, traverse with wanton ease.

Those who don’t have a far more interesting journey.


Small ripples become great waves.

Small shifts become dragging currents.

At times resistance is futile.

We must relent and be morphed, shaped by these obstacles.


Tides change though, strong and resilient we must also stand;

Small islands, rocky outcrops spraying silvery surf in the glistening river of life.


Change sneaks upon us like a sudden storm throwing the river into turmoil.

Mountainous waves rise, sharp currents drag you down to the depths.

Change sneaks upon us like the sun appearing from behind a cloud,

Illuminating the river revealing its silver glow.


No matter what comes the silver slowly, silently and smoothly continues.