Is there much greater a simple joy than discovering a new musician? One who isn’t that well known but whose music is so meaningful and powerful that you can’t help but love it. There is something special about that; its like you have a precious secret.

Often new or lesser known musicians are those most special. They are passionate, refreshing and unmanufactured. So often mainstream artists lose that genuine meaning. The reason they sing. Sorry to offend anyone but look at Katy Perry or Justin Bieber, they sing pretty much because no one will pay them that much to collect rubbish. Now contrast that with people like Abi Elton and Jordan Gray. Abi has a stunningly moving voice because the soul in her voice is real and in her original songs you can hear the journeys of pain and recovery and it is real. It isn’t the attempt to portray emotion shown by some main stream artists but rather is that raw emotion. Likewise Jordan Gray throws all of her soul into her performances and speaks out against injustice with mocking and pitying tones. She is not only a trans icon but also a stance against general inequality and hatred. To add to this her voice is truly unique.

I could go on and on about this kind of musician and even throw out a few abstract Scottish ones but I plan on doing a few interviews with a range of musicians over the next few months for OutletMag.

The power of original music is really something special. We feel it in a vast varieties of ways. We can feel the emotion of the artist, see their passion and understand what drives them. I find that it is these kinds of artists that allow you to develop a much deeper link with music.

I would continue and write a longer and generally better piece but my neighbours are currently driving me insane as they seem to be having the 3rd party of the week and it is only Tuesday.