That title makes much more sense when I read it aloud; somehow tomato just reads however you would normally pronounce it but twice. Oh well, I’m sure after the second or third time you read it you got what I was going for in the first place.

There seems to be some sort of force at play that we don’t entirely understand. Now bare with me I wont go entirely Mumbo Jumbo with you. If you look at some people who seem to have everything coming up sweet for them at one time, like that person who won the lottery after just being cleared of cancer. Some would call this a lot of luck, some god, some Karma and those more scientific minded, chance. Although, as science and fact based as my understandings may be, I cant put everything that seems very lucky down to chance.

There are people who escape near death in seemingly impossible ways and similarly there are those whose live who are completely changed out of the blue. There is more to that than simple explainable chance.

The majority of the world sees a force in a god or gods of some sort. It is there that they find the answers to such things. The concept of a god or gods has always been intriguing to me. The key question often raised with god(s) is how o you know if they exist? Some cite the stories of those who have been changed by it or they point out that science can’t explain everything, which make me chuckle as all I can think about is what the comedian Dara O’Brian once said in response to “science can’t explain everything” which was “of course science doesn’t explain everything, that’s the point of science. It doesn’t mean we should just make s*** up though to fill in the blanks.”To be perfectly honest though that question seems slightly irrelevant to me as it doesn’t matter much if they are real or not, if the minds construct of a god offers a person comfort, understanding, love and peace then surely god is a great thing in whichever way it exists.

Karma is also a word used to explain events of great fortune or equally misfortune. This is the principal of spiritual cause and effect. I will admit to have frequently used this term in describing things, as has my catholic friend so it seems to be a term going beyond religious boundaries. Whether I really believe in karma is another matter. Some good people suffer greatly while many bad people live good lives; however, in a way I do kind off support it personally. The phrase “It will all work out in the end” holds, for me, that general principle that the world will balance out for you. It helps remove bitterness or hatred as you have faith that those who have done you wrong will naturally get what they deserve and you likewise. This could and probably more likely is, another possible scenario where the mind has constructed something for us to seek comfort in.

The minds ability to create amazing, vivid and true constructs frankly astounds me daily so it is plausible that god(s) and karma could both fit under that bracket but maybe there is something or someone beyond our comprehension that does guide and provide us with that thing almost essential to human survival, Luck.