On the 13th of August I had the amazing opportunity of covering Scotland’s largest free music festival for a local magazine. I had an insightful and fun day with activities ranging from carnival style entertainment to hard hitting interactive productions aimed at tackling issues faced by young people in society. Although many were unable to take the experience entirely seriously, and since it was produced by amateur performers it did contain flaws , it was nevertheless insightful and education to many of those in what is irritatingly referred to as the “tween” years. There was, of course, also the key component of the music festival present, music.

At first I was slightly sceptical as to what extent I would enjoy myself as I have always seen it a  thing for people from the 12-15 age bracket. It appeared I was wrong though as everyone from babies to pensioners turned up for the day’s activities and as night fell the crowd got a bit more focused on the 12-16 market but there was still toddlers to been seen, perched on the shoulders of their parents, or older siblings. With a no alcohol policy the atmosphere was friendly and still contained that usual buzz seen in your standard festival crowd. The headline act, Cascada, had the whole park jumping to her hits and covers.

The act of dancing seems to very much split people. Some love to dance whereas other say they hate it. I think those who say they hate it are really just worried about embarrassing themselves, they don’t seem to realise that everyone is doing it so there is no reason to feel embarrassed.  Even if you are the worst dancer in the world, embrace your unique style, after all it takes some skill to be the worst dancer in the world. Furthermore those that don’t dance are missing out, it is not only good for your body but good for your mental health.

Whatever your take on dance is, it seemed the crowd loved this year Youth Beatz. They learned from the stalls present and the interactive production, they laughed with the entertainers and with the joy of the event, they sang with Cascada and James Arthur and they danced the night away.