Hi guys, the blog will be back to its usual schedule next week, I’ve been on holiday this week 🙂 For those of you thinking of holidaying in Scotland there is plenty to do for everyone so I would definitely recommend it. There is lots of sporting activities, as well as historical sites and art to visit. With Scotland’s unique weather patterns there is lots indoors as well as out so don’t let out notoriously poor weather put you off. Sales pitch for Visit Scotland complete; the blog will be back to normal next week.

I would also like to take this non article post to mention some writing I have been doing for Outlet Mag, so feel free to check that out, I hope to have an interesting piece by an amazing. fashion designer and teacher done in the next week. I have also been selected as a delegate to discuss youth policy at 3 British-Irish Parliamentary Assemblies, so if anyone feels like they would like to provide input to that feel free to leave me a message.