So unless you have been under a rock for the last few days you will have seen that the UK have voted to become removed from the EU, or perhaps more accurately England and Wales have voted out of the EU. As in any public vote, people, even if bitterly disappointed at the result, will accept it because it’s diplomatic, but why should we? A free diplomatic society in which people can vote on the future of their country has been heralded as a representative and fair way to run a nation. The freedom to vote is now viewed as a fundamental right across the world; furthermore referendums are a direct form of democracy in action. Despite this then seemingly fair and right system there appears to be major flaws. Why do people like Barry our unemployed, uneducated 50 year old have as much say in the future of our countries involvement in Europe as a respected economist who has worked with the EU in Britain for 30 years?

We are given the right to elect our parliament who on a balance of 3:1 were in favour of remaining and despite peoples constant criticisms of MP’s, they are the ones with experience and often degrees in subjects like economics, politics and law. Why do we then allow people who have no idea what they are doing to vote on our future? I have voted in these people to represent and make decisions on my behalf. Why aren’t they doing that?

The answer, in the case of the EU referendum may be reasonably straight forward. In order to leave the EU a referendum may need to be taken in accordance with statute. Looking at Article 50 it does appear that a country would be required to hold a referendum.

Not only does this annoy me because of the lack of expertise in the general public, many making the decision due to bigoted resentment of foreign people, but also because of the age demographics. Not only do some either ignorant or bigoted people believe for some reason that the foreigners are stealing our jobs but the elderly also believe that for some reason they have the right to potentially destroy opportunities for the younger generations. I am not sure what annoys me more about this vote, the lack of expertise, the bigots, the elderly, or the fact that 2 of the 4 countries in the UK voted to stay in the EU, Scotland being one of them.  I am annoyed about people complaining about immigration- we travel too! Those coming from Europe also aid us a significant amount it taking up professional jobs or ones that British people would be unwilling to do. In addition to this a higher percentage of immigrants work than the native British.

The elderly often subscribe to the false ideology with an almost Trumpesk view off “make Britain Great Again”; give me a break. It was largely the over 64’s vote that swayed the election according to exit polls with 61% voting leave. I liked a comment of one of my friends who has also campaigned for votes at 16, “never mind a minimum age, there should be a maximum”. Although said jokingly, why should those who have already made their money, had their family and lived their life be able to make this decision on the future? It quite probable a reasonable proportion of them will be dead by the time we see the proper long term effects of an EU exit. I bet David Cameron slightly regrets his stance on votes at 16 now, with them on board he might have just won this considering 75% of those 18-24 voted remain.

Scotland has again been pushed to the side-lines by England, or at least that’s what they’re trying to do it. Fortunately for Scotland though, unlike England we’ve not brought a chiwawa to a dog fight, we’ve brought our bull dog; in the words of a brilliant meme featuring Nicola Sturgeon “calm doon, am oan it”. Nicola Sturgeon and here gang of SNP’s were ready to pounce on the opportunity which I think turned out perhaps even better than they had anticipated, although it’s hard to tell as unlike the UK parliament which is full largely of deceitful idiots the Scottish Parliament has a lot of very strategic smart thinkers. The first minister had responded first thing in the morning stating she will do everything in her power to stop Scotland leaving the EU even stating plans for another referendum. It now appears that she will attempt to lead a veto on Brexit in the Scottish Parliament. To my knowledge of the foundations of the Scottish Parliament the approval of Parliament has always been sought and considered but I have not viewed anything that suggests it is a requirement for Westminster to honour the veto.

I just want to state now I am not a fervent SNP, I have never voted for them and have largely apposed them but I do admit they appear to run a decent administration and hold a far more honourable and respectful parliament than the UK as a whole. I also greatly admire Nicola Sturgeon as a leader and despite her often ballsy appearance in debates she is also a shrewd and skilled diplomat who in this time of perhaps crisis is keeping a calm, composed and logical mind-set.

I also want to say to those who made their decision on either side after careful consideration and analysis of both sides, not just on immigration, then well done. You are the people who deserve their vote. This article is quite heavily anti Brexit but I do respect those who voted to leave so long as it was founded on reason and not misguided belief. Who know what this will mean for the UK in the long run, it may even turn out for the best but if so I think it will be more based on luck than any grand design.