It seems now that everyone is on a diet. From the paleo diet to the 5: 2 diet; there is a new fad diet every month. Most people on them don’t need them and those that do need them do them for 2 weeks tops and then decide it’s too much effort, I know I am one of those people. I have tried about every diet that I could find but am still about 6 pounds overweight. I have lost over a stone in the last 10 months since going to university but I could do with losing a bit more.

There are so many diets and to be honest none of them seem to do much, it seems eat less, exercise more is the gist that generally works. Although out of fad diets I have found a low carb diet is effective. I have also found the paleo diet quiet good. It’s all about making food from natural ingredients that our ancient ancestors could have hunted. This not only cuts out chemical additives and additional fat from ready meals, sweets and sugary drinks but also appeals to my love of cooking. It is a diet that doesn’t mean you have to eat less and more boring food; your food actually tastes a lot better. After looking into recent research I am looking to adopting an organic approach to this diet as well.

The main problem people have with dieting is the need to change habits or adopt more exercise. You may be in a habit of drinking full fat milk and eating ready meals and cooking healthy food may seem like a lot of work. Some just don’t bother eating at all for example the 5:2 diet or one of my friend “diet” of “I had a pizza on Tuesday so an apple will do me for the rest of the week”. I would not recommend that approach although I quite often skip lunch and/or breakfast and it doesn’t seem to have any negative effect, if anything it’s been slightly beneficial but it is generally recognised that breakfast helps you in losing weight. So it can seem difficult and time consuming to adopt new eating plans such as the paleo diet and some people simply can’t be bothered to make 3 sets of food a day.

This effort and time side of dieting is also what tends to impede exercise. It always seems that you could be doing something better with your time. I want to write and create not lift weights and run. Sure I enjoy the odd walk but that’s not really enough. It just seems like a waste of my time which could be why I am not motivated to exercise much. I am certain this is the case with others as well.

People are often discouraged by a lack of immediate results but normally these things don’t happen immediately, they take a great deal of time, especially if like me you can’t be bothered to do too much. If you are patient though and stick to whatever changes you make, whether they big or small, you will eventually see results.

Remember and diet for you. Don’t diet because people are pressuring you too. Don’t diet because you think it will solve all of your problems. Sure it may make you more confident and comfortable in yourself but many, especially those very overweight, think it will cure all of their problems. It is important for those wanting to lose a lot of weight to take care of their mental health as well as their physical as the two a frequently linked.