I have always had a busy mind, by that I mean it jumps from thought to thought at a far greater rate than I can express physically; either through speaking, writing or carrying out the idea. Many people are quite like this and think nothing of it but for me it can be irritating. When the mind is constantly developing ideas and situations and your body is just tired then it is slightly frustrating.

A key example I have seen of this busy mind is in writing, I have seen it in others and felt it a lot myself. It doesn’t matter how much I write my brain will create at least 10 things to every one I actually get on to writing. This is in particular relevant when writing a book or a play, tonnes of people say they want to do it, they may even start it but your brain goes at a far faster rate than you can type and you are at the end of the story before you finish the first page and then your just bored having to rethink the thoughts and transcribe them to paper. I have tried to endure this by writing without a preconceived idea of what will happen so that I don’t get bored but even then it can get quite tedious; I have great respect for novelists.

I suppose when your mind is constantly thinking it means you can never be properly bored although it can be a problem when you want to sleep, I have a real problem getting to sleep before 2am. This could be the reason most thing I have read are about powering down your mind and releasing that bombardment of constant thoughts, but is it really that bad?

Health care professional and people that provide all of these destressing treatments shout about the stress and anxiety caused by an overly busy minds, some talk about how much you miss of the real world by constantly contemplating things within. Psychologists have also said it relates to inflated idea of your personality and self. They never speak about the upsides. Sure I agree that anxiety is linked to a busy mind but I think anxiety causes lots of thoughts and emotions, not the other way round. If you keep your mind busy with other things then anxious thoughts can’t entirely consume you. With stress, life is stressful, a busy mind may add to it a bit but stress helps me work better, without it I don’t feel the urgency to do things. As to the inflated perception of yourself, I’ve always had that and I’ve met plenty of people with the same thing who definitely don’t have busy minds.

Far from it being a completely negative thing I think it can be quite beneficial; I process ideas, philosophy, even maths quickly due to it. I can go through tonnes of things to be able to find one that works or is a good idea. I can devise recipes, jewellery designs and writing topic faster than many. Furthermore there is a bit of a buzz in having a fast paced brain. The only major downside, as I have mentioned it that it can be quite tiring so occasionally I do give in to clearing my mind and partaking in a bit of meditation. You can’t go full pace all of the time, you will break.