I hate following recipes. Not only do they often contain unnecessary ingredients but also often don’t end up as nice as they would if you didn’t follow the recipe properly.  I probably shouldn’t say this as I am writing a cook book, oh well. I do think recipes can be kind off useful though if they are used more as a suggestipy.

When devising dishes I look at lots of recipes using that type of meat or vegetable, looking at possible combinations and then putting together my own flavour combinations, taking some ideas for ingredients from numerous existing recipes. So it can be helpful to read recipes to learn about combinations but I don’t think I could ever follow a recipe to a T.

Recipes can also be great for learning about new ways to cook things and even, if you are a bit of a beginner, what order to cook things in.

So despite the fact that I don’t like the conventional concept of the purpose of a recipe, in that it is effectively step by step instruction of how to make food; however, they are as I have said still brilliant for helping you develop you flavour combinations and range of techniques.

I have to say though that this is my personal outlook on recipes but I know others just like to follow a recipe. They’re may be something therapeutic and more relaxing to following a set list. It can also be good for those who don’t have a flair for developing flavour combinations but who would like to cook their own food rather than buy ready meals, or frozen chicken nuggets and burgers.

Although I suggested that this perception of recipes may not be so good for promoting my cook book I still implore people to be inspired by cook books but to also remember, as in all things, to be creative.