In the UK you must have a shotgun or firearms license to possess a gun. Machine guns, pepper spray, semi-automatic, and pump-action rifles, and any firearm that has a barrel less than 30 centimetres in length are strictly prohibited. This means no-one in Britain should have to fear about being taken down by a military grade weapon, wielded by a civilian.

America though is completely different. They experience enough mass shootings to place one on every day of the year. Yes it is a lot bigger country but the numbers are still horrifying. Despite this Senators voted to allow people on the terrorist watch list to possess assault rifles. Why??? What need do people have for these guns. Semi-automatic guns, assault rifles, slim lined handguns to hide in your clothing are all pretty awful for hunting and when people use the excuse “it’s for protecting my property”, unless your home is in the middle of a Taliban controlled war zone you have no need for a military grade assault rifle. It is ridiculous that even after of these killings this is still going on.

After the UK’s one mass school shooting hand guns were banned across the UK following a nationwide campaign known as the Snowdrop campaign. Never again did we want to see such an atrocity befall our people so we acted. There has not been a mass school shooting again in the UK. Yet for some reasons Americans hold a special attachment to their guns, I do not of course mean all of them as I have witnessed many many of those in the US calling for controls and bans. Hannah Hart in particular put out an incredibly emotional video pleading for people to take action. For someone who made their name through comedy and progressively improving cooking, she is in actual fact one of the most caring, emotional and just all round fabulously genuine seeming person. I would love to one day speak to her, but I digress. Meanwhile in the same country there are those who threaten mass riots and uprisings should anyone try and remove or alter their “constitutional right”.

Perhaps this fundamental concept of the constitution is where I lose American gun lovers train of thought. In the UK there is no fundamental written constitution. Our constitution is largely unwritten made up of the rule of law and some acts which are given a slightly superior status such as the HRA. It is nothing like that of America’s, the UK’s is flexible and can thus change with the times and adapt to new situations. Still I feel there is nothing in the way of physical things I and those around me wouldn’t give up if it meant saving people from atrocities like that in Orlando.

Some have suggested that the killer was a terrorist, it wasn’t guns that were to blame. Someone cited the Boston pressure cooker bomb and said “maybe we should ban pressure cookers too”. No. Terrorists will detonate bombs, that is the way it is; there is little we can do about it other than hope our security agencies detect the threat before people are killed; however, the Orlando terrorist was allowed to walk into a shop and buy a handgun and assault rifle despite being a terror suspect and being investigated twice by the FBI. This is a failing many are trying to pin on the FBI and maybe they are partly to blame but ultimately the government’s decision have cost those peoples and many others their lives. In the words of Hannah “your senator killed those people”

I know this isn’t one of my new blogging days but after watching Hannah’s video I had to vent a bit. If you want to watch her video here is a link-