Since during term time, with the exemption of my hearty dinner, I am fuelled off of smoked salmon, caviar, chocolate, champagne and tea I thought I would I would do a bit of research into the potential health implications of this diet. I have already done a lengthy piece on Chocolate so that is it covered. Before I start though I need to explain that the health implications I will be looking at apply to these things being consumed in moderate amounts.

First up is champagne. Well to set it apart from its friends, red and white wine, it contains on average 40 less calories per glass. It actually contains less than your standard glass of coco cola. According to the paper “Potential health effects of Champagne wine consumption” published by Taylor & Francis, champagne is reported to have probable cardioprotective and neuroprotective effects. This means that it is good for your heart and for your mind. They went as far as to report that moderate champagne consumption may reduce the likelihood of age related neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s. So there is one thing in my diet that isn’t doing me harm.

Smoked salmon seems a bit of a mixed bag. It has been reported to have high sodium content which can lead to heart problems and an increased likelihood of a stroke, especially in the case of people with kidney problems. However other reports suggest that the omega 3 content benefits your heart. Do they cancel each other out? There are some reports that the smoking process can increase a likelihood of cancer but in today’s world almost everything seems to increase your risk of cancer. If we were believe the tabloids and health news then we would either all die of cancer of starvation.

Caviar is again a great form of getting omega 3, with omega 3 not only showing significant cardiovascular benefits but there has also been a suggestion that it helps with depression. One serving of caviar also contains a whole days vitamin B12 needed to form DNA, make healthy blood cells and keeps nerves functioning effectively. It has even been suggested that consumption of caviar gives your skin a younger, fresher and firmer look and feeling.

Time for Tea. There has be worry stories over brittle bones and prostate cancer banded about but there seems little solid foundation to the reports. One woman who developed brittle bones due to tea drinking drank 12 litres a day, which I think we can all agree is beyond reasonable. The elevated risk of prostate cancer was deemed not solid enough evidence by the American cancer institute to suggest tea has negative health effects. Green tea is reported to have strong cardiovascular benefits, unfortunately I drink black tea although a study in 2009 “Green and black tea consumption and risk of stroke: a meta-analysis” suggested that even drinking over 3 cups of black tea a day can have heart benefits reducing the risk of stroke by 21%. Black tea also helps you to relax through its containing of the amino acid L-theanine. There are tonnes of other reported benefits so feel free to do a little searching if you are interested.

It seems then that I should be okay with what I have been eating, if anything it seems in general quite beneficial. According to most of this I should be sharp of mind and healthy of body, well it got half of it right.