I have written before on life goals and how I don’t tend to have long term life goals; however, what I do have are dreams, slightly out there goals that I want to achieve. We all have dreams and some are reasonably achievable and others may seem impossible but all dreams have something in common they all require time, commitment and effort to achieve; even the dream of winning the lottery involves a degree of commitment and patience.

I decided to write on this after briefly looking at a blog of one of my followers recently: High School Adventure. Their dream is to study in America. They are at the very start of their journey at the moment and there is not much content on the blog yet but it made me think about dreams in general as did her quote by Walt Disney “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”.

This is so true many people have a dream that they think is unrealistic and thus don’t even attempt to achieve it; they hope that there dream will just happen and unfortunately that is very rarely how it happens. If though you pursue your dreams and fight for them in face of adversity you can achieve almost everything. I am not going to be as optimistic as Walt Disney and say all of our dreams will come true, as I know due to my sight and health I would not be able to join the RAF even if it was a dream I strove toward (which just to note it isn’t). Equally just because you buy lottery tickets doesn’t mean that you are going to win the lottery. What I do know though is that of my dreams I have achieved, all of them I have had to have the courage to pursue them in order to achieve them. I have had to work hard, be patient (which is hard for me) and know when to ignore people and when to take the advice given to me.

Dreams give people hope when they are otherwise confined by life. Dreams are frequently far removed from your general area. By this I mean I dreamed of acting in a lead role in a play and about representing young people on a national level and I continue to dream about getting an OBE and winning a BAFTA or Oscar. As a law student these aren’t anywhere remotely linked to what I do day to day.  These dreams are a way of being creative outside of the norm of the daily slog; they are an escape from our societal constraints.

So whether your dreams are big or small, perhaps you have a mixture of both, if you pursue them and really believe you can do it and back it up with physical effort then there is a very good chance you can do it. If like most people you wait for the dream to suddenly realise itself it’s unlikely to happen, that is unless you are Prince Charles and your dream is to be King.