Today I went to the beach and as the title suggests no one remembered to bring sunscreen so I am writing this while trying to ignore the discomfort and heat caused by my bright read arms. This is why the Scots are rarely trusted with the sun.

Now other than the obvious issue of getting burnt the beach in the sun is always a great thing. It brings back memories of family holidays, eating ice-cream, building sand castles, rock pooling and just general exploration. The sun lifts the mood of everyone around and the small nearby town exits to the surrounding beaches to return come evening for fish and chips and a little tub of my regions brilliant selections of ice-creams.

Why going to the beach creates such joy and excitement still confuses me a bit though because if we set aside emotions and just look at it logically you are going to a place that causes your shoes to become unwearable or else you will end up with blisters; you get wet and sand sticks to you, the sharp rocks slice at your feet and sand gets in all of your food. For some reason though most people have decided that the beach is a great place and I am one of them. Things like building a sandcastle or looking for crabs make you feel young and that, I feel, is very important after all you are only as old as you feel.

I think as people get older people expect more grown up attitudes or behaviours but really it is good to hold onto some of that childishness as it’s fun and carefree. I have met 30 year olds that have held onto that child like quality and those that haven’t and it is clear who is a more rounded and satisfied and it is the ones who still have that little childish spark in them. The beach is one of those things that to me keeps the spark.

I would write a lengthier piece but my arms are really sore and quite distracting so have fun at the beach guys and don’t forget your sunscreen.