Everyone has that little (or in some cases big) something that sets them apart from your average person’s abilities- if there is such a thing as an average person. For many that skill is something they don’t share; perhaps because they don’t know they have it or maybe they are too shy to share it. I have known brilliant musicians and artists who are too shy and afraid of critiquing, to share their talent which to me seems like a waste. Sure it good to have the talent and if exercising it in private makes you happy and helps you express yourself that is great but I often feel that many others would love to experience their talent and that many people would be jealous of it and thus to not share it is almost selfish. I say this as I have no hidden talents; what talents I do have I have sang from the roof tops (although not literally as singing isn’t one of those talents) and I frequently get annoyed when I hear people with great gifts that don’t use them.

I also know people who don’t know what they have is a talent. Hidden talents came to mind today because I think I witnessed one of these talents being discovered. I am not sure whether the rest of the world would view it as that but it entertained me and made me smile so there must be something to it. My sister came to me with her guitar and told me to give her a topic to which she improvised a song on the spot which was actually pretty good, or at least I thought so. This is particularly odd as normally my sister is a frankly awful singer and a quite an amateur guitarist. It just shows that little hidden talents can lurk where you least expect them. It also shows that not all hidden talents have to be huge things like you can compose better than Beethoven or sing better than Adele; they can be small thing like being able to improvise comical songs, write creative thing or even cook well. All of these little talents have the ability increase your personal happiness and even that of others.

I think if everyone exercised there hidden talents and shared them with the world we would live in a far less constrained and stereotyped society; there would be more expression and far more joy if we did embrace our talents. The whole world would be a bit less beige and that must surely be a positive thing.