Remember as a child how much we loved sculpting in play dough, making cards and colouring? It was great, fun and relaxing- although we perhaps didn’t realise that at the time. It had a therapeutic effect on us in that you had to focus and thus didn’t cause as much chaos. This is one of the real reasons for parents giving their children colouring book; sure it inspires creativity and allows them to express themselves but it also keeps them busy.

As we grow up many people lose a lot of that creativity; they stop to draw, sculpt and build thing. People tell them they can’t or that there a better things to do. How many times do people say “I’m not an arty person” as an excuse for not expressing their creativity? Everyone has an innate ability to be creative and create art but this past criticism or comparisons to what they perceive as better work means that many just choose not to which I think is a great shame. The rise of Adult colouring books has somewhat changed this.

I don’t personally enjoy colouring books as I feel as though I am just stealing and building on someone else’s work rather than expressing my own creativity; however, I do understand why they have become such a craze. They give people a chance to experience that bit of creativity they have in a way that is simple and will almost always result in something that they feel looks good. Unlike painting or drawing, colouring in does not hold the same place in peoples mind where they fear criticisms or that they are not able. It also holds that calming effect that seemed a secondary thing as a child but as an adult is the main reason people say they do it.

So I may not be rushing out to buy a colouring book as I am content painting, drawing, silver smithing and engraving, but to those who aren’t normally creative then please do. It may just be that stepping stone you need into developing your creativity.