The world of suits has long been dominated by men and still remains that way to this day. Those women that do wear suits normally appear as a politician, especially recently with the recent political event in Scotland and America. A picture of a businesswomen or celebrity lesbian may also come to mind.


Hilary Clinton- Known for wearing suits consistently and most known for her blue suit but I personally prefer this red one.


Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland- Frequently wears suit, normally red. Her style originally left a lot to be desired but of the last few years she has managed to develop some better taste.

angela merkel

Chancellor Merkel- Probably our most notorious suit wearer in Europe and the World’s most powerful women.

Dragons' Den
Dragons Den Stars- Hilary Devey (net worth $75 million)                                                                        Debra Meaden (net worth $60 million)



Ellen Degeneres- By far the most fashionable and fabulous person on this list so far.


These images provide us generally, with the exception of Ellen of course, an image of women’s suits being a formal thing meant to display respectability and stature. This has meant that rarely do we see them grace our pavements on young attractive women. They do not conventionally have that “sexy” image. However if we look at this white suit worn by Bryce Dallas Howard in “Jurassic World” this opinion shifts.



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