Our beautiful planet is a chaos filled place; it has been since the presence of life on its surface. Today we see the massive conflicts in the Middle East; the “civil war” in Ukraine; the problems in North Korea and the ever present poverty across Africa and the rest of the world.

The world we live in is a war and poverty stricken place; it has pretty much always been so since the dawn of Human kind. We establish flawed systems and interactions that lead to chaotic outcomes. This has largely been down to the corruption, greed and lack of independent, nonbiased judgement in our leaders. Examples from the past being Genghis Khan and the mighty Mongol Empire; Hitler and the rise of Nazism and Stalin and the annexing of Europe. More recently we have seen Tony Blair and George Bush in the invasion of Iraq; Kim Jong Un’s nuclear attempts in North Korea and the impending threat of a Donald trump, Boris Johnston’s world leadership (god help us).

As you can see there is a huge amount of chaos in the world. There is also a large amount of chaos or confusion in individuals. Most people face some form of chaos in at least one of the following: emotions, opinions, ideas, morals, gender and sexuality. This chaos is frequently written as turmoil. Chaos here though is not necessarily a bad thing. Chaos is largely perceived with negative connotations such as war and poverty as aforementioned but in the case of individuals’ personal chaos or turmoil it can be a necessary stage in working through a problem. Without a certain period of chaos you will never manage to reach a firm foundation; you must apply doubt and shake things up to see what is left at the end. This may be applicable then as a wider worldly quality of chaos; it can be required as a necessary stage to resolving something. For example World War 2 threw the world into chaos which was needed to work through the issues created by the Nazi’s. Problems arise though when those behind chaos do not want to reach an end result; again consider North Korea currently.

On a cheerier note it is important to remember that although chaos surrounds us everywhere there is still great clarity in many areas such as charity, friendship and family. It is also important to remember that chaos is not always a dark evil force but can be a way of processing things so long as we strive to reach an outcome from that chaos. So yes there may be a lot of chaos in this world but it is up to us whether we will continue to be driven by the chaos or whether we will utilise that chaos to create a positive result.