“Stroll” is WordPress’s prompt of the day. Normally I don’t use the prompts as I tend to write about what I have been inspired by that day; today I have been on a lovely stroll along the river Tay so the prompt word fitted my mind set perfectly.

It was a beautiful day in Dundee today. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky; dozens of students were sat out on the green. It looked like the pictures in the prospectus that we weren’t quite sure were real or not; you know the one with green grass, sunshine, shiny buildings and you smiling with your multicultural group of friends. What better a day for a lovely walk by the silvery Tay with my flat mate Laura.

As we were heading across the modern, sleek, steel and glass bridge we decided to get Magnums at Tesco; it seems every time I go for them they’ve brought out a new flavour and as lovely as mango and guava berry is (this is probably not a flavour I did kind of just make it up, but maybe give it a shot Magnum?) can someone please tell me where the white chocolate ones are hiding. Another downside, or perhaps upside, but certainly downside in today’s context is that Magnums like many other forms of ice creams come in packs of 3 as standard. With there being only two of us out walking it meant I had to carry the other one with me for the rest of the walk. We sent Staphanie a video of us with the ice cream on the walk saying that she wasn’t there for her Magnum; I feel she will have appreciated that for she couldn’t come as she is studying for Medical exams.

The Tay itself was high with lapping waves from the stiff breeze that gave the warm day temperature that very Scottish edge to it. The sun reflecting off of the Tay is a stunning sight with the blue skies and the Railway Bridge in the background. There is something about that walk that clears your head and on sunny days fills you with warmth. Many a time I have strolled along the riverside pondering what to do. There is something about the ever changing nature of the Tay that reminds me that tomorrow is a completely new day, a fresh canvas. It also reminds me that there is beauty everywhere it’s just sometimes you need to look really hard for it.

I love to take photographs so my strolls by the Tay are great for that as well. It relaxes me and taking a good picture is a great feeling that can really lift you up on a down day and the Tay never fails to deliver a stunning shot.

Having done a lengthy and heavy post yesterday I feel this has been a bit of light relief. Keep updated as plans for “TheExtraOrdinaryStudentLife” YouTube channel are well under way.