This is a bit of further contemplation on yesterday’s topic.

Why does gender play more than a physical role in society? Gender appears in human society to be more of a social construct than that of a physical difference which seems very odd. In other species of animals and even some plants a male has certain organs while females have others. In human society males are supposed to have certain character/personality traits and females other ones. To put my point of confusion across I will attempt to explain it in terms of one of my favourite things, chocolate. If we look at men as milk chocolate and women as white chocolate then they are the two physical genders. By inflicting a gender stereotype on them it is like saying all milk chocolate should be with nuts (no innuendo intended) and all white chocolate bars should have raspberries. Quite often you find that raspberries go just as well with milk chocolate as they do with white and the same applies with the nuts. In hindsight that all appears slightly more confusing than I intended and thus I will summarise in normal terms; physical gender should not define how we are perceived as individuals by society.

This topic arose to my attention today after one of my flat mates tried to lump all men into a category that causes trouble for girls and wastes time. Things the male portion of our population are frequently blamed for. To me that is like saying a pit bulls are violent. The nature of people is defined by how they are brought up just as the nature of a pit bull is defined by how it is trained to behave. This categorisation of people by character traits according to gender is a fundamentally flawed system. First off it is generally incorrect, it is impossible for all males to share one nonphysical trait. Secondly this categorisation leads to the stereotypes that young people are raised to fit into thus the blame actually causes the effect; it is a continual cycle.

Feminism is prominent in the news in raising awareness for the rights of women and how women’s capabilities should not be defined by their gender. Why then should our opinions and behaviours be defined by it? The short answer is it shouldn’t. We are all individuals, to categorise personality in such a way is a direct insult to that individuality.