Hello everyone, anyone, hopefully someone. If you have read a few of my posts you might have realised that over the last few days they have become a bit more lapse than usual and you may have also noticed that this was due to my exams. Well I’ve still got one left so I can’t promise much for the next few days, but anyway let’s talk chocolate.

Chocolate is a fantastic thing, it has long been appreciated as an amazing thing. As most people know it originates from the drink the Aztecs made out of cacao which was sampled and taken by the conquistador Don Hernan Cortes. When people eventually turned it into the chocolate we know and love today it became a comfort food of almost everyone to the extent that in WW1 the soldiers were issued on Christmas day with a tin containing among other things a choice of tobacco or… Chocolate. Chocolate remains a great comfort to most people today especially students which my flat can fully testify to. Stress eating is a very common thing and chocolate is a great way to do it; perhaps not great health wise but it is delicious and makes you happy. There is most certainly some science behind it, if you want science feel free to read this it looked quite interesting.  http://science.howstuffworks.com/life/inside-the-mind/emotions/chocolate-high3.htm

Chocolate is brilliant in that it comes in so many forms it is almost impossible to get bored of. You can have chocolate cheesecake, chocolate biscuits, chocolate ice-cream, hot chocolate, chocolate tea (they are different things), a box of chocolates and of course the thousands of varieties of chocolate bars and much, much more. My favourite type has to be Michel Cluizel’s chocolate bars. They bring a whole new level to chocolate. If you haven’t tried them I would highly recommend you do, they are a little tricky to get a hold of as they are a Parisian chocolatier that I have only ever seen in France but they can be found online and perhaps if you live in a capital city with some posh food shops they may stock it, I think it may be stocked in Harvey Nichols. The dark chocolate especially is like no dark chocolate I have ever tasted. Its maybe not a chocolate to comfort eat on with it coming in at about £5 for an 100g bar and that’s at the cheapest end of the range, but it is well worth it.

If you’re not so keen to splash out a lot on chocolate then Cadburys has produced a new bar that is ideal comfort chocolate. They have finally developed a chocolate bar that you can eat two bars on without feeling sick at all. The Cadbury Dairy milk Medley, in particular the one with the bits of raspberries. It is a flavour sensation. Over the last 3 days my flat mate an I have made our way through 6 bars. That is the brilliance of chocolate you don’t care; “it was worth it” appears frequently.

Of course chocolate cheesecake and chocolate ice-creams must also be taken into consideration. I am a big fan of Magnums as a chocolate ice-cream. The new peanut butter ones are very nice. With regards to a chocolate cheesecake I have a pretty good recipe for a white chocolate one that I think is my favourite but if I was to pick another cheesecake then it would have to be Gu-zillionaires cheesecake. It’s so soft with a great caramel flavour as well as chocolate, just yum.

So now that I’ve suitably wetted your appetite treat yourself.