Write a blog. Seriously though writing down your thoughts and feelings before exams can greatly boost your ability to perform in the exam. The study about this was mainly aimed at writing down your feelings and anxieties about exams but I feel writing about anything can help you unwind, de-stress, while still exercising your mind. So that’s tip 1. Write. Whether it be your emotions towards the exam; a poem; or even your love for Beethoven’s Moonlight sonata.

Top tip 2, make sure you have something good to eat and drink. Having a hearty meal can greatly lift your mood and energy levels. Fish is great food so maybe try that; I will post a fish based recipe another night for all those in need of brain food before there exams. A good glass of red wine can be good for the night before the exam as well just to make you relax a little. Or if you’re not into alcoholic drinks a simple cup of tea can make the world of difference.

Tip 3. Allow yourself time to breath; yes the urge is always to cram near the end but sometimes you just need to stop and sing along to your favourite song; watch a comedy or play a game. I have actually found that if I work for an hour and take a twenty minute break before the next hour I get more work done than I would have if I had worked through the break, and I am far happier.

Tip 4. Allow plenty of time for your morning routine, there is nothing worse than being rushed on the morning of an exam. Make sure you leave time to sing in the shower, have a cup of tea and eat your breakfast.

Tip 5. Get a good night’s sleep (much easier to do if the flat downstairs don’t decide to play loud music and then shout loudly until the early hours of the morning)

That’s my top 5 tips for dealing with exam stress, Have fun with your exams 🙂