Sleep. We all do it and most of us love it, some a little too much. It is of course important to get a good amount of sleep in order to function properly. It does however strike me as a vast waste of time. If we all slept for the recommended 8 hours a night we would sleep away 1/3 of our lives. Going by the world wide average life expectancy that is 24.5 years of our life we will spend asleep. I haven’t been alive for 24.5 years yet so I can’t even comprehend how much more I could get done in my life if we didn’t have this need for sleep. It is one massive waste of time.

I suppose though even if it were physically possible to avoid the need for sleep most people will need a break and sleep provides an excuse for a long break. Equally, if not more, importantly we would miss out on dreams. I love the randomness of dreams; one minute your sitting having lunch the next your lunch has transformed into a turkey and you are sitting on an elephant.

Despite these perks I frequently find myself in the anti-sleep camp. That’s by no means saying I don’t sleep because I can quite frequently sleep in until 11 but I do try and get as much done in the evenings as I can as you may be able to tell from the times I post a lot of my posts at. As you may also have noticed from these Blog posts there is one major drawback to doing stuff late into the night and it is that the brain is meant to be asleep at night which means it goes into a half dream state leading to much of what is said perhaps not being quite as clear or as logically thought out as may be found in something written by somebody fully awake in the middle of the day.

I hadn’t planned to write a post at all tonight as I have been working on my revision for my exam on Wednesday but I have committed to a post a night and despite my tiredness I wasn’t going to let sleep beat me.

Now due to my unfortunate condition of being a mortal human (I’m guessing, how do you know your mortal if you haven’t died yet?) I feel my eyes growing heavier and heavier and thus I must give in to sleep or else be unable to continue with my study tomorrow.