This post is not really mine in any way, shape, form as the questions are written by a professor at the University of Dundee, and the answers were written by my flatmate. I just wanted to share what happens when you give your non law student flat mate a law assignment.

Q1. Senga offers to buy Nadya’s bicycle for £50. Senga makes the offer in June, Nadya accepts Senga’s offer in December.

Which of the two parties can decide whether there is a contract or not?

I decide. I am the lawyer. I make the laws. In fact, I think that neither Nadya or Senga should get the monies, but they should send it all to me instead XD I love me monies in fact throw in the bike too I’ll give it to my sister to hang her coats on.


Q2. Senga makes an offer by email to buy Nadya’s bicycle for £50 and stipulates that any acceptance of this offer must be made by email.

Nadya does not send an email, but when she next bumps into Senga says, “It’s a deal, I’ll bring the bike round later.” As Senga is boarding a bus at the time Nadya cannot tell whether she has responded. In fact Senga does not respond as she is asking the driver for a single to Menzieshill.

(i)           Is this a contract that Nadya can enforce?

I suppose whatever floats her boat really. Although if they need anything to do with law they should give me a call. 09372849265 call me beep me if you wanna reach me XD or contact my email address david_da_pimp@gmaillaaaaaddotswag . on that note I also do gigs and bookings so feel free to call my agent to hire me for a night. No mates rates xxx

(ii)          Would your answer differ if Senga texted Nadya from the bus withdrawing her offer?

No I still want people to hire me.

Q3. Senga offers to buy Nadyas’s bike and Nadya agrees to sell it to Senga. Neither party mentions the price.

(i)           Is this a contract which either party can enforce?

WHO CARES. I am literally so done with this bike bizz rn like seriously get over ourselves ladies it’s a bike no one cares for goodness sake people like senga and nadya make me want to retire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(ii)          Would your answer differ if Nadya has delivered the bike to Senga who has now used it every day for a month to commute to work?

I think it I have to answer any more questions on this stupid bike I am going to buy the bike of senga or nadya, dismantle it, and use it to hit myself repeatedly

Q4. Senga posts a letter to Nadya offering to buy her bike for £50. Nadya receives this letter on 9th October. Senga then writes to Nadya saying she no longer wants the bike and is withdrawing her offer. She posts the letter at 16.00 on 10th October. At exactly the same time, Nadya posts a letter stating that she accepts Senga’s offer. Nadya and Senga both receive the respective letters from each other at 11.00 on October 12th.

Has a contract of sale been concluded?


If by contract of sale you mean the sale of my sanity then yes it has. Congratulations, I have lost the plot over this stupid bike case. I resign

Still though call me anytime feel free to slide into the dms I do Netflix and chill aswell xxxxxx

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I hope you enjoyed reading this is much as I did. I had to very carefully title this piece in my documents so as not to submit it by accident.