As I sat down to at 1:15am to begin brainstorming for a topic to write today’s post on I thought to myself “why do I do this?” It struck me that the exploration of that question could be the subject of the post.

There are so many reasons I write but I think the primary thing is that I like to keep my brain busy and I like to feel I have achieved something. By writing a blog it gives me a chance to explore different topics; formulate views on them, and develop my understanding. With regards to the second part, feeling I have achieved something, with a blog post there is a physical thing to show for your day. I have a thing about having to have something physical to show for a day. I create jewellery when I’m at home, but unfortunately it is frowned upon to use a blow torch in student accommodation. I also used to engrave glass, and create weird and wonderful thing, but again student halls interferes as power tools can slightly annoy others, and make a mess. That left me with writing which I have always loved to do but has never really been a major focus. Now with writing this I can look back and see something I did that day.

Another reason for starting to write is to practice my writing style. I have been appointed a Deputy Editor of Magdalen Magazine as I wanted to get involved in something that I could be passionate about and writing is something I very much enjoy. If I didn’t enjoy writing I wouldn’t be writing a Blog. With this appointment though I don’t just need to enjoy it; I need to be somewhat competent at it. Thus it occurred to me I should probably put in a bit of practise.

A third reason behind my writing is that I find it very therapeutic; it relaxes me a bit before bed. The chance to unwind and type whatever comes into my head may not necessarily always produce a very good post, and certainly doesn’t create a consistent themed blog; however, it does generally provide something that at least I find mildly interesting. I would certainly recommend to anyone who is stressed, or worried, or suffering from any mental health problems to give writing a try. I read a brilliant post about studying with depression and it was about building up achievable goals however small so that you build up a confidence and sense of achievement that allows you to progress further. I feel for those with depression perhaps writing a blog could be one of those achievable goals. If you write like I do then there is no extra pressure over getting views and likes because that isn’t why you write it.

The main reason to write a Blog is because you want to. Sure some days you finish your post and know it’s not very good, but at least you’ve produced something and that’s something to be proud of; it’s something I’m proud of.